Alternate livelihood for Gudumba based families : kadiyam srihari

 Telangana | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Tue, Jul 18, 2017, 08:32 PM

Deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari revealed that the CM KCR rehabilitation scheme has been introduced to provide alternate livelihood to the families of Gudumba. Kadiyam Srihari units distributed to beneficiaries under the Gudumba Manufacturing Rehabilitation Scheme. Kadiyam Srihari said that the gudumba area was detected as and a special drive was taken. Thousands of families are lying on the road due  to Gudumba. Gudumba is supposed to eliminate manufacturing, transportation, supply and consumption, for alternative livelihood with financial assistance of Rs.2 lakhs are being sanctioned for beneficiaries and for banning gudumba

kadiyam srihari asked are the beneficiaries benefiting from the Rehabilitation Scheme? Or not? And that they are obliged to look back over to the Gudumba business and said its the responsibility of district collector and excise department. The beneficiaries of cashew beneficiaries have been benefited through the rehabilitation scheme offered by the government and the livelihood should be provided through them. There are 90% poor people in the State and we have a lot of welfare programs for their economic development. The Telangana government is spending Rs 40,000 crore for welfare. He said 38 lakh pension schemes have been allocated across the state and for this he is spending Rs 5,300 crore

The event was attended by JPP Chairperson Padma, Warangal Mayor Nennapane Narendar, MLAs Rajyaiah, Chilla Dharmareddy, City Commissioner Sudhir Babu, Warangal Rural and Urban Districts District Collectors Prashant Jeevan Patil, Amrapali Kata, Municipal Commissioner Shruti Oja and other officials